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Instructions for Presenters

Dear Surviving Peak Drought and Warming Workshop presenters, 


We are looking forward to the conference next week, and we are excited for the great line up of presentations we have. 


Presentations should aim to be 10 minutes. Each session is scheduled to have ample time for questions and discussion after.

We hope you will be willing to devote at least part of your presentation to the conference theme of how the Southwest (or other region) will respond to the likelihood that we will overshoot a 2°C degree target for global warming, with associated risks of deep and/or sustained drought in key sectors and ecosystems. We hope to discuss, for example, the timing of overshoot and the pathways to peak temperature or drought and if and how the southwest and its human and ecological systems might adapt and then see reduced risks as emissions decrease and temperature returns below 2°C.  There are a few key papers on the conference main page that might inform your thinking.



 To facilitate efficient presentations please e-mail your presentation or upload it into the workshop dropbox folder (look out for an email from dropbox) by the morning of Wednesday March 28th. 


A few things to note:
1. the projection will be from a PC computer. It may be safest to send your slides as a PDF. 

2. If you need a mac for your presentation, please let me know

3. slide projection is 16:9 (wide screen)